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Life is full of beautiful things, beautiful people, and beautiful moments.

And photos? That’s how we make time stand still, how we preserve a moment in time in a tangible way that allows us to remember our journey on this Earth. If you feel this way too, I think we might be a match!


I realized from a pretty young age that my brain is very much creatively wired– right brained as some might call it. I was always drawing or coloring, and eventually began music lessons at 9 years old– which carried me through middle, high school and college! –  and any moment I could get some sort of camera in my hands, I was taking photos of everything around me. I was mesmerized by images that had a subject in sharp focus and a creamy, blurry background– so I desperately tried to recreate that with my tablet (aka, my knock off iPad).


At  14 I bought my first "big girl" camera, a canon t3i,  and began practicing photography through self portraits. I’ve always been so drawn to photos that are bold, colorful, and feel like they could be put in an editorial fashion magazine. As I got older I started to take the skills I had learned doing self portraits and began shooting friends and booking clients! Being 16 and starting your own business had its challenges, but I loved being able to take something I was so passionate about and turn it into something I could serve others with.


I want to make
your vision


My favorite part about doing what I do is helping my clients take those concepts that feel elevated and hard to achieve and make them reality in a way that feels

FUN and EASY!!


I want my clients to see the images we create together and feel like they've been torn right out of a magazine.

Images which display a side of them they might not always get to show off! The part of them that feels most authentic and the creative side they don't always get to tap into. If you have a vision you want to bring to life, in studio, outside in a city or away somewhere in nature, I'm the one who will help you make that vision come true!

And if you don't know where to start or feel overwhelmed-- I GOT YOU! I'll walk you through the creative process from start to finish.

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