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The Shoot Where Everything Went Wrong

You might be looking at the photos below and thinking, "What went wrong? These look great!" (or at least I hope that's what you're thinking). But this definitely was one of my most challenging photoshoots yet. SO many obstacles came up throughout but I was so excited for this concept, I forced myself to push through.

First off, my soft box light bulb died right off the bat. I unscrewed and screwed it back in a few times and messed around until I had to accept it was dead. "That's fine," I thought, "I was going to try using another light or even flash anyways". I moved onto my little LED camera mount light and started shooting. Within the first few minutes, my camera battery had started to flash. I always have a spare which is *normally* fully charged, but even if it wasn't, I didn't even have the chord for my charger! Thankfully, it was charged up but then all of a sudden, my LED light would not stay on for more than a few seconds. At this point I really wanted to give up, especially since the stockings over my lens was making it take forever to focus. Despite all this, I was determined to get at least ONE good shot so I kept at it and used a cheap little ring light off amazon to light my images and honestly, I was so pleased with the lighting it gave my images! Aside from some focusing issues, I was finally able to get into the groove of shooting. Of course I had to end the shoot the way it started so as the cherry on top, my wireless remote battery died too! Just in time though, by that point I was beginning to feel tired and knew I had got a few good shots.

I truly have never had so many technical difficulties during a shoot but I'm so happy I kept going because I love love love the way the images turned out and I hope you do too!


Canon T5i

Sigma 35mm 1,4 art lens

Backdrop stand: amazon

Backdrop: Savage Universal


Ring light: Amazon

Wig: Amazon

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