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Old Hollywood Glam-Self Portrait

It's been a while since my last blog post but I decided that aside from my instagram, I wanted to utilize this space to share my self portraits. I love editorial photography and it's where I draw the majority of my inspiration from. The self portraits shown below were heavily inspired by old, but fun glamour and I used a very different technique to attain the end result.

I drew my black out curtains shut and set up my usual set up: back drop and stand, camera, and tripod. Normally I would use natural lighting from my window but this time, I used a detachable camera light and moved it around, casting different angles of light and shadows on my face. To get the dreamy, old Hollywood effect, I took a sandwich bag and put it over my lens, securing it with a hair tie. Such a simple set up yet look at the results! No one would ever know I took these in my small room on my own.

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