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My New Banana Phone-Self Portrait

For this set of self portraits, I took a walk on the weird side of photography (aka: conceptual photography!). I used to do conceptual photography ALL the time but as I get up and changed my style, my love for editorial began to bleed into my photography. However, I was so happy to go a bit weirder with this shoot and really make it interesting! When I had first come up with the concept, I had no intention of using a banana as a prop, but sometimes self portraits can become redundant! While taking photos, I felt myself feeling a bit bored and running out of poses so I stopped and thought about what kind of new element I could add to the image. Then I saw it- a bunch of bananas sitting in my fruit basket. I knew it would be the perfect prop because not only did it add the third and last primary color into my image, I would be able to use it like a phone and make the photos a little bit weirder... Always work with what you've got is what I assume to be the moral of this story!

P.s: While posing with the banana, I imagined I was getting a phone call from an annoying guy trying to get me back... clearly I wasn't having it haha!

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